CONSOB warns Italian traders against rogue binary options brokers .

The CONSOB (Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa) is the regulator of financial markets in Italy whose main purpose is to supervise and regulate the financial markets in Italy on the same basis as the MIFid, which regulates the financial industry in the EU.
CONSOB warns Italian traders against rogue binary options brokers .
CONSOB is responsible for overseeing the financial industry regulations in Italy .
Every firm that operates in Italy and is registered in the EU must be approved by Consob.

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Binary Trading Payouts as a key factor when choosing a broker

The first key factor to choosing the best binary options broker is the payout portion offered. This is not always a simple comparison. Payouts will differ depending on the underlying asset being traded, and the expiration period of the option. In addition, the payouts could change. So where one broker was basically the best price, something may change afterward and imply that that is no longer the state.

The best a trader can expect for is to find the highest payouts for the types of trades he is most likely to perform and get a feel for which a broker offers the best terms most often. Again, demo accounts can assist in this respect.

the FCA’s proposals do not apply to brokers operating from outside the UK

In order to help binary options traders have a better understanding of the Binary Options trading in the UK, we post this article.
The FCA can do nothing to stop abuses because binary options wagering is regulated by the Gambling Commission.
According to the law of the United Kingdom, Binary Options brokers should be regulated by the UK’s Gambling Commission, However, this law applies only if the Broker has its operation located in the UK.
IG a UK binary broker stated that  the FCA’s proposals do not appear to directly apply to brokers operating from outside the UK offering CFDs and binary options.

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