Security has been a top priority at Casino Europa since it was launched

Security has been a top priority at Casino Europa since it was launched back in 2000. This has also been one of the main reasons for its success among players. Whether Europa Casino’s players are being entertained on their own computers or elsewhere on no download versions of the Casino Europa software, there’s always a feeling of security in knowing that all financial transactions made are fully secure and checked by people who care. We are licensed and regulated by the policies of the State of Antigua and Barbuda and its directorates and guidelines for offshore gaming. Under these guidelines, a wide range of casino payment methods has been made available to players to allow for multiple ways to fund accounts and withdraw winnings. Any questions that players may have about deposit options that aren’t answered directly in Europa Casino’s FAQ section are expertly handled by Europa Casino’s Customer Support team, via email, chat, and telephone, 24/7. Casino Europa has worked successfully for over a decade to provide top-notch entertainment to all players who enjoy the games at Europa Casino’s casino online. Moreover, new casino games have constantly been added to the fold such that over 350 online casino options are now available to Europa Casino’s patrons. The large numbers of players that return to Online Casino Europa over and over attest to love and loyalty to a great online casino product. We always endeavor to ensure that this deep loyalty gets rewarded ith excellent jackpots and an increasing number of opportunities to win big. When it comes to game variety, Europa Casino’s offerings are second to none. Whether it’s slots, table games, arcade games, scratch games, or any other type of online casino game, there’s something for even the most discerning players to enjoy. These also include the latest Marvel-themed games, progressive jackpot games, Live Games, and multiple versions of video poker, roulette and blackjack.

Casino Europa offers all the classic online gambling favorites on offers such as blackjack and casino roulette. Europa Casino’s multitude of slots, including single line, multi-line, and progressive jackpot slot machines, are among the most celebrated in the online gambling industry.  if you’re looking to take classic casino games to another level, Europa Casino’s Live Games are the only truly interactive way to play online in a vivant casino atmosphere. But – it’s it the casino classic “Roulette” that made Casino Europa most popular. Europa Casino’s Casino School is dedicated to teaching you every little trick on how to win and Europa Casino’s Online Games Strategy Articles are know well for its professional and helpful Insider knowledge base. Don’t miss it! Online Casino Europa is THE place to gamble, but don’t just take Europa Casino’s word for it, sign up today and find out for yourself!.

Thanks to Europa casino’s exclusive agreement with Playtech, they offer the newest and most innovative online games before they’re available anywhere else in the online casino and gambling industry. Talk about new modern casino games! This is the real deal! Casino Europa stands alone ahead of other Playtech-powered online casinos as it is almost always the leader in debuting new games. The reason for this is because Casino Europa is home to one of the largest pools of casino players within the Playtech family. Thus, being the biggest has its perks. On top of that, as the first players to get to experience and try out new online casino games, the feedback given by Europa Casino’s patrons is taken very seriously as a means of improving future gaming offerings.

When playing mobile roulette, Players can place inside bets, outside bets, and a whole other range of wagers on Europa Casino’s favorite numbers. Get lucky and watch the little white ball land in your lucky spots while playing mobile roulette today.

Europa Casino’s Big Winners Casino winners list
Go Mobile! Playing on the go has never been easier thanks to Casino Europa Mobile. Log in to Europa Casino account from any one of these popular phones: iPhone and Android-based devices. Play mobile gamesRoulette Academy Brush up on your general casino knowledge, catch the latest casino news, and learn the tips and tricks that will turn you into a winner.

Casino Europa Casino Europa is an online casino also offering bingo, games, live dealer games, lottery, mobile casinos, and mobile lottery using Playtech software licensed in Malta. It is one of 5 online gaming sites owned by Imperial E-Club Limited. The site’s primary language is English. It supports both downloadable software and the ability to place a wager without a download.

Ghosts of Christmas a Dickensian delight 13 Dec 2017 Now that it’s halfway through December and casino Europa fully immersed in the trappings of the holidays, you might be feeling a little bit like Ebenezer Scrooge. If you’re looking to blow off a little holiday cheer, head to Casino Europa and give their Dickensian-inspired game “Ghosts of Christmas” a spin. read more Casino Europa announces official relaunch 6 Mar 2017 Casino Europa has undergone a complete redesign with a new look and feel and more casino features for improved usability. read more Casino Europa launches eight new games 4 Jan 2016 Casino Europa has released eight new Playtech games, including fEuropa Casino’s online slot machines.


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CONSOB warns Italian traders against rogue binary options brokers .

The CONSOB (Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa) is the regulator of financial markets in Italy whose main purpose is to supervise and regulate the financial markets in Italy on the same basis as the MiFID, which regulates the financial industry in the EU.
CONSOB warns Italian traders against rogue binary options brokers.
CONSOB is responsible for overseeing the financial industry regulations in Italy.
Every firm that operates in Italy and is registered in the EU must be approved by Consob.

Binary Trading Payouts as a key factor when choosing a broker

The first key factor to choosing the best binary options broker is the payout portion offered. This is not always a simple comparison. Payouts will differ depending on the underlying asset being traded, and the expiration period of the option. In addition, the payouts could change. So where one broker was basically the best price, something may change afterward and imply that that is no longer the state.

The best a trader can expect for is to find the highest payouts for the types of trades he is most likely to perform and get a feel for which a broker offers the best terms most often. Again, demo accounts can assist in this respect.

the FCA’s proposals do not apply to brokers operating from outside the UK

In order to help binary options traders have a better understanding of the Binary Options trading in the UK, we post this article.
The FCA can do nothing to stop abuses because binary options wagering is regulated by the Gambling Commission.
According to the law of the United Kingdom, Binary Options brokers should be regulated by the UK’s Gambling Commission, However, this law applies only if the Broker has its operation located in the UK.
IG a UK binary broker stated that  the FCA’s proposals do not appear to directly apply to brokers operating from outside the UK offering CFDs and binary options.

Vad är Contracts for Difference

– är ett flexibelt sätt att handla på prisutvecklingen av produkter såsom aktier , index , råvaror , valutor och räntebärande värdepapper .

Till skillnad från köp av aktier så gör du äger den underliggande produkten när du handlar med CFD. Detta innebär att i vissa fall, släpp sedan för att vissa kostnader som står avgift och stämpelskatt. Det gör det också möjligt att sälja produkten och köpa tillbaka senare. Det kallas kortslutning.

Exempel: ett stort oljebolag förväntar sig en rekordresultat och du tror att priset kommer att gå upp. Du bestämmer dig för att köpa 30 000 enheter till 19505 pence. Om priset går upp, säger från 19555 till 1991 pence, kommer du att få en vinst på 40 pence. Med 10.000 enheter motsvarar en vinst på 4 000 GBP Om växelkursen sjönk med 40 pence, skulle dock ha förlorat £ 6000.
Om skillnaden är bra, betalar säljaren köparen. Om det är avvisande,, kommer köparen betala säljaren och förlorar pengar. Därför kan du använda vår ValutaHand jämförelsetabell för att filtrera mäklare enligt dina önskemål.