Internet’s fastest-growing market of binary options

Try one of the Internet’s fastest-growing market of binary options. The product has grown in popularity due its simplicity and low risk, making it ideal for the less experienced investor. The advantage of binary options is that besides the possibility of high returns, the risk is limited.indluding bitcoin binara optioner list of brokers here maklare 43

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incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is developed by Playtech, and puts you Dr. Bruce Banners clothes, clothes that ruptured in tatters when he gets angry and turns into Marvel’s famous superhero / super monster Hulk. Embark in battle with all manner of villains, soldiers and public development that just happens to get in the way of your grönådriga fists. With the chance of both bonus games that fat profits.

Take me straight to the Incredible Hulk, onlinecasinoϨtesϨtϨ >>
Play The Incredible Hulk

Hulk is equipped with 50 paylines, and you can set both the coin value, contribution level and number of betting lines, and spin of from 5 to 25 thousand (!) Per game.

• The top prize in the base game is paid for five pieces Radiation symbols on a winning streak, which provide 4000 times the bet on the winning line.
• Wild symbol is of course the Hulk himself – who is well wilder? It substitutes for all symbols except the bonus and scatter. Ports in the middle of the reel 3 expands the Hulk across reels 3, and you are treated to three free spins with Expanding Hulk. Do you get it on reels 2, 3 and 4 at the same time, so the Hulk tear apart half the screen in his rage, and you get a free spin with three wild wheels!onlinecasinoϨtesϨtϨ
The hulk lobbyThe hulk game
Bonus games and special features

• If you get three or more scatter symbols, you win 10 free spins with all wins are tripled, including Expanding Hulk wins, and you can win more free spins.
• Do you get two Smash Bonus symbols will start the bonus game in its own window. Where do you like Hulk smash one or more cars, under which lurks monetary gains. Then you get the chance to mash a helicopter of 3, to find out with which digit bonus vins tern multiplied.
• The game is linked to four different progressive jackpots, which can be activated at any time, randomly. The jackpot game you get a grid to click through, to get to see what you have won the jackpot. As a scratch about, in other words.

The Incredible Hulk is a slot with plenty of special features, which while still easy to grasp. The animations are not in par with the best from NetEnt or Betsoft, but good enough to give spice to the game operation. Jackpots are not very high, the highest usually around 100,000 bucks. A perfectly OK Slot for Marvel fans, which you can find at Winner Casino.

Another slot machine from Playtech recommended is Gladiator, which is based on the movie of the same name.

I’ve never played at UB and I’m pretty damn happy

Then came the news that UB Absolute are about to go bankrupt and will not pay any money to their players. Who is surprised?

To be played on these sites several years ago is nothing strange at all, but people continued to put money on UB and Absolute for cheating scandals with Super Users and the other is completely incomprehensible.

Now they have to bite the apple. Of course it is sad that people lose their money, in some cases, teach it to move large amounts, but in fact I think they partly have themselves to blame. All have been able to see that UB and Absolute are shady business and that they are now “pulling the money” when it breaks down is no surprise.

The only reason to play at UB has been well Phil Hellmuth, who was long the site’s huge poster name. It would have been really fun to pull out Hellmuth and get themselves a game in the chat. To Hellmuth and Annie Duke, broke the partnership with UB a few months ago and replaced with scandalous Prahlad Friedman, was another sign that all was not right.

I myself have never played on either UB or Absolute and I’m pretty damn happy today. It had not been fun to get rid of the money you worked hard to earn, although in my case the max would be a matter of a few hundred dollars.

PokerStars and Full Tilt actually also seems to have better order of things. They drive on in Europe and the rest of the world and still have plenty of players at the tables. So the sites I keep my money on. There is no reason to panic.

But I guess there’s a lot of panic UB and Absolute players out there in casinoonisac op

“B¤¤k ¤f Ra Sl¤t Machine

Play the classic version of the popular slot “B¤¤k ¤f Ra- ™” and discover the pyramids mysterious world. Nine paylines across five drums in regular games as well as several bonus versions makes up for the great adventurer of mysterious hieroglyphics.

In the “Book of Ra ™” is the goal of equal symbol appearing on all five reels. In regular games start every gain pattern on the left barrel and follows the payline right. For you to win the symbols must be next to each other without any other symbol lies between. The symbol of the book (the joker) replaces all other symbols.
Book of Ra ™: Instructions

In the slot machine “Book of Ra ™,” also called slot or slot machine, choose to start with a Twist Amount you want to play for – this is your “Credit” in the game. With the buttons “+/-” you can then choose the size of your bet per payline and how many paylines you want to bet on. The adjacent “Table” button lists up the potential benefits and symbols.

To start the game you must press the green “Start” button. “Automatic.” – Button starts automatically draws and another button press ends the procedure.


The “Risk” is displayed as soon as you managed to get a winning combination of at least two symbols next to each other. With the “Gamble Game” you have the chance to double your profit Twist several times over! It is up to you to choose the right color on the card – it’s red or black coming up next ?. The latest six-drawn cards displayed in a row on the top right of the playing field. If you choose the wrong color, you lose gamblingen and will return to regular playing field and can play normally again. It is of course up to you whether you want to start the gamble game or not, and you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the “Collect” and take home the win.


During free spins, you can multiply your Twists. With a combination of three or more “Book of Ra ™ ‘books anywhere on the playing field starts 10 free spins. In these spins is the effort that you had in the regular game.

First is automatically a bonus symbol out. During the free spins, this bonus symbols appear in any position whatsoever. Appears the selected symbol during free spins 2, 3, 4 or 5 times, multiplied bonussymbolens value with profit lines, such as: 1 Twist x 10 paylines. The value of the bonus symbol is given by the symbol itself and the selected insert. The exact value can be verified during the game under the “Table” (to the left of the “Risk” button).

The demo account

The demo account is the quintessential self-training. Their losses will make progress by learning from their mistakes, and profits concretize increasing their knowledge of the markets. Nothing like this to begin with. The perfect combo of a successful training would undoubtedly assimilation basics (what are bןnary optןons, what are the strategies to win with binary options, eBooks, instructional videos are), regular consultation of market trends (thanks notes to the financial brokers) engaging with online counselors, training (with the demo account), opening a real account, deposit and finally trading. See the list of brokers with demo accounts.
Professional counselors available
The provision of a service customer of your binary options broker is a real guarantee of quality. Especially if these advisors are market professionals and are available 24 hours a day by email, Skype, phone and probably in dozens of languages​​. They represent a valuable tool in training since, backed by experience, will guide you when you escape a notion or when you need more information. This is a point that will not be left to chance in an investment in the Internet, because it is a privileged contact humanizes your investment. This reassures many traders.

Binary options in Germany and German

Many people wonder just what binary options are, and what happens when you deal with binary options. For others, it is important to get both information in german, but also find a broker who has translated his platform to German. Brokers have begun to realize that if you want to simplify the trading of binary options further for German customers, the next step to fully localize for Germany.

Still, the market for binary options quite low in Germany, and therefore do not have enough broker sights set on German as a market. It is changing and more and more brokers are now focusing on a platform that fully supports the Swedish language. This means that both the agent’s site content and self-trading platform is available in Swedish

Swedish Customer Support

Although some brokers have chosen to adapt its website for Germans so it may be that the customer support is still not in German and so even the phone itself. Usually you will find information on the site fairly quickly if there is a number to Sweden. Is not it so I suggest that you use out emails or chat feature to get in touch with an account manager, this is to not pay extra telephone costs. But of course, if it’s critical, it’s just to call.


Although everything is adapted to German so it’s not always the case that brokers offer binary options from the Swedish market.

Ie Stock index is popular among traders but German stock index still shines by its absence. Is it that the popularity increases and then also demand so ka man inquiring of their broker. This is something that BBinary offers its customers on its site.

Even when it comes to forex trading, it is obvious trade with the most common currencies . Dvs.EUR / USD / JPY / AUD / CAD, etc.

Which broker is popular among German right now?

Right now it seems that BDswiss that really dominates among brokers in binary options in Sweden. One of the reasons is that they have located all over their site and platform for Swedish and not only that, there is also a Swedish phone number to contact support. This is a fairly new service in BDSwiss and very appreciated, because it is bringing a new standard in binary options in German.

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