Google’s Ara Smartphone will be available to developers soon

Google has reconsidered its plans for a modular smartphone and now plans to deliver a less customizable model than it had first introduced. The updated Project Ara handset no longer allows its main display or processors to be interchanged .
Google’s first Ara smartphones will be equipped with slots for six modules that will let users add or upgrade features, Google’s officials said. The Company’s aim to build Ara, a customizable smartphone with swappable modules for different functions, such as cameras, speakers and battery Lego blocks — just by popping them on and off.

Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone will be available to developers soon, but it’s lost much from its customization vision along the way. Developers will be able to get their hands on a developer’s version of Ara by the end of this year.


According to Google’s plan in 2017, Smartphones will go modular.


Latest iPhone 7 Plus Leak Reveals New designs and upgrades

iPhone-7-LightningIt is about four months since revealing its latest set of highly anticipated flagship smartphones and the iPhone 7 fever is beginning to escalate. The iPhone 7 line is rumored to be available in three sizes: 4-inch, 4.7-inch, and 5.5-inch. The devices are also expected to have a case built by an Italian case maker has, showing that the Apple iPhone 7 could feature four external speakers a quad-speaker array and vertically arranged rear camera, microphone, and True Tone flash module,
Expected to be released in September 2016, the iPhone 7 will not feature a headphone jack. However, it will have a faster Touch ID, complete waterproof design. the iPhone 7 expected to come with a 256GB ROM, internal storage variant, and 2-3GB in terms of RAM
In terms of , the iPhone 7 could have at least 2GB for the base model and 3GB for the higher-end variants. The camera is expected to have 4K video capability .The iPhone 7’s camera may fully embrace optical image stabilization (OIS), according to new rumors.

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Stocks fell Thursday: S&P 500 is negative for 2016

Stocks fell Thursday: S&P 500 is negative for 2016

— with the S&P 500 closing in negative territory for 2016 — despite investors encouraged by a big earnings beat from giant retailer Walmart but also as they priced in the prospect of higher interest rates and a resulting weaker stock market.

The S&P 500 has no gains to show for the week after three straight weeks of losses while the Nasdaq clasped a four-week losing streak. Despite gains on Friday, the Dow closed its fourth consecutive week in the red territory
Thursday:’s loss of 0.4 percent for the S&P 500 settled the broad-market index in the red for the year-to-date, joining the Russell 2000 and Nasdaq in that poor place.

Oil prices withdrawal earlier in the week as the U.S. dollar rallied

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Oil prices withdrawal earlier in the week as the U.S. dollar rallied following implications that the U.S. Federal Reserve could launch another round of rate hike at its next meeting in June.
Oil prices rose in early trading on Friday as turmoil in Nigeria,militants blew up another pipeline in African producer Nigeria. Shale bankruptcies in the United States and the crisis in Venezuela all contributed to tightening supplies.

Despite this, overfull inventories across the world were preventing supply shortfalls and sharper price hikes, analysts said. ➡➡➡
Crude oil prices slid on Thursday on a stronger dollar and an unanticipated increase in U.S. crude inventories. The fall comes after a rally in recent sessions fueled by production outages in Africa and Canada and production slumps across the globe
On Thursday, oil prices fell as U.S. rate hike expectations lifted the dollar, but crude pared losses on worries about more supply interruptions from Nigeria’s main crude oil terminal. Growing expectations that the U.S.
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Optimize Your Business Trip to Shenzhen With An Expert Guide

Shenzhen Business guide

Shenzhen offers countless lucrative business  opportunities  to  every businessman from the first the moment he enters Shenzhen. The city is ranked first in China as the best place to do business. Millions of businessmen from China and from all over the world are visiting Shenzhen every year with one purpose “making money”. But as Shenzhen is famous for business it also has a reputation of an urban Jungle. Only a few dozen of thousands from the 10 million population have roots in Shenzhen all the other millions came for one reason doing as much money as possible in the shortest time. For a foreigner businessman doing business in Shenzhen can be extremely challenging , even without considering the language and cultural barriers. As much of opportunities, Shenzhen has to offer it can also pose challenges , beurocracy, and even real risks from various types to the unguided visitor.

If you really want to extract the best your business trip to Shenzhen, it is highly recomened to be assited by a domestic expert business guide in shenzhen.

An expert business guide in Shenzehn will offer you:

1) professional business level with deep knowledge in business terminology and procedures. A full time translation in Shenzhen is essential since the locals speak poor english.

2) A Guide and help you overcome local regulation and beurcracy problems which may accure. Issuing a Visa, Finding a driver, Hotel booking and numerouse othe tasks that may sound simple may be furstrating and time consuming in Shenzhen as in other parts of China.

3) Guide you around the City for business centers, shopping and pleassure.

4) Help you to establish personal relationships with serious business partners.

5) Follow up the progress and the successful execution of the business you made after the deal is signed.

An Expert business guide in Shenzhen will save you lot of time and trouble and will enable you to maximize the lucrative business oppetunities that are waiting for you in Shenzhen.

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Optimize Your Business Oppertunities in Shenzhen With An Expert Guide.



What You Need to Know About Meldonium.

Mildronate is also known as Mildronat, Meldonium, and Mildonium is originally a prescription drug used as a treatment for a heart condition. Today it is widely used as a nootropic, vasodilator and a CNS stimulant that enhances mental and physical performance. Mildronate is a synthetic analogue of gamma-butyrobetaine, an enzyme which is found in every living cell of the human body.
Mildronate improves the balance between oxygen supply and usage in body cells and removes toxic metabolic by-products accumulated in the body’s tissues.
The substance also provides a refreshing and stimulating effect on the body.
Oxygen distribution and usage by both muscle & brain cells are improved by this enzyme.
consumption of Mildronate daily improves mental and athletic performance,reduces fatigue, increases motivation stamina & focus.
Thanks to its potential performance-enhancing effects, Thanks to its potential performance-enhancing effects, Meldonium has been in use for a while in the international athletic arena has been in use for a while in the professional athletic arena and is widely used by famous athletes like Maria Sharapova and Abeba Aregawi and many other pro athletes.

recommended usage:
One 500mg tablet each morning. Increasing the daily dosage to 1000mg is possible in case of no side effect.The maximal daily dose is 2000mg (4 tablets of 500mg).
Today anyone in the world can buy Mildronate Online Directly from Russia without prescription.


How to Find The Best Italian Online Gambling Sites.

  In, you can find out which online casinos are legal in Italy. The website Includes a full review of Italian gambling laws, list of best legal casinos and special promotions.
In spite of heavy regulations and taxations , the online gambling market in Italy continues to go from strength to strength.
Italians gamblers enjoy one of the most regulated and developed online gambling markets in the world with a huge range of Italian online casinos available to them.
Visit casino online mondo to find the best Italian online gambling sites.


A Complete List Of Top Poker Rooms In UK

There are numerous online poker sites that allow and accept UK poker players, however only a couple of dozen are regulated and licensed to operate in the UK market. The UK regulation of online gambling has been declared as a success, judging by the players behavior who proved to prefer playing in regulated online gambling sites.
When playing poker online, different players have different preferences regarding rake backs, minimum deposits requirements, deposit methods, the poker rooms interface etc.
In the, players can find a list top UK online poker rooms for 2016 all of which are licensed, has compiled a complete list and has ranked and reviewed the most popular poker rooms in the UK. with it and as such you are guaranteed of a fully rounded and safe online poker playing experience regardless which site listed by one chooses.


How to Choose the Best Italian Binary Options Brokers

logo consobBinary Options trading is currently extremely popular  in Italy primarily because of the way this type of online trading is administered and directed in Italy by CONSOB.

Brokerage firms that wish to provide binary options trading services to Italian traders are required   to obtain a permit from CONSOB or have their European permit accepted by CONSOB. covers binary  options trading  in Italy and provides a list of top Italian binary options brokers which helps traders to choose the best Italian binary options brokers that are both professional and  legitimate .

Binary Options ItalyBinary options are lawful in Italy and are managed by CONSOB (Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa). This association is tasked with the supervision of all financial markets related service providers in Italy.

Any broker who wishes to operate in the Italian binary options market is obliged by the Italian law to either apply for a CONSOB permit or have their European Union licenses approved by CONSOB.

Brokers without the CONSOB license are basically infringe upon the law and could conceivably confront criminal charges.

CONSOB issue regularly warnings about binary options brokers to avoid.

There are dozens of binary options brokers that are  authorized by CONSOB to operate in the Italian binary options market. None of the brokers that operate are genuine Italian based companies ,almost all of them are Cyprus registered companies and only few of them have a representative office in Italy.

A list of binary options brokers that are  authorized by CONSOB is available in 101k 

Bitcoin Revolutionizes the online betting market

Bitcoin Revolutionizes the online betting market

Bitcoin bettingBetting, Poker,casino games and all gambling forms are popular all around the world .The internet has changed the gambling market drastically as it made it more available for people to place bets and play casino games .
Today, the main payment methods among gamblers are wire transfers or credit cards.
Bitcoin and other altcoins are threatening to change this market  dramatically . Payments by bitcoins are almost free of cost as the fees and are almost completely anonymous   . Not only does Bitcoin reduce the fees online gamblers must pay, but It also speeds the transactions process drastically .
Bitcoin is helping to bypass banking regulations countries that prohibit online gambling and the anonymity it provides attracts gamblers who were anxious for their privacy using the traditional payment methods such as credit cards , bank transfers etc which all requiere absolute idetification of the party who transfers the money.
All those advantages makes Bitcoins an Ideal mode of payment for online gamblers. The Bitcoin network has been growing rapidly and the online gambling industry is an early adopter of this emerging technology. To learn more about Bitcoin betting check