Phantom 3 Professional the long waited DJI drone

Phantom 3 Professional is the long-awaited successor to today’s most popular Quadrocopter on the world market – Phantom 2 Vision +.

As with all previous models it has supplied both the compass module and a GPS but definitely surpasses its predecessor .:
additionally the GLONASS system, which allows even more precise position
the camera allows video recording in the increasingly popular and desired quality 4K devoid of effect “fisheye”
the possibility of transmission of video in HD
using technology flow optical DJI uses a specially designed camera and waves of sound for maximum ease of flying in areas without GPS support.

Kit Content:
Quadrocopter Phantom 3 Professional RTF
Control switches
A set of blades (4 pcs.)
Battery – 1 piece.
Battery Charger / equipment
Power cable
Gimbal Lock
Spare eraser antywigracyjne – 4 pieces.
Gimbal up security – 2 pcs.
Clamp for loosening propellers
Micro SD card of 16 GB
Micro USB cable / USB
Stickers – 5 colors (gold, silver, red, blue, pink)

Technical Specifications:


Weight (with battery and propellers):

1280 g
Diagonal (with blades):

590 mm
The maximum rate of climb:

5 m / s
The maximum rate of descent:

3 m / s
Hovering accuracy:

Vertical: +/- 10cm

Horizontal: +/- 1m

Maximum speed:

16 m / s (in ATTI, no wind)
Maximum altitude:

6000 m
Working temperature:

0 ° C to 40 ° C



Sony Exmor 1 / 2.3 “Active pixels: 12.4 M (total pixels: 12.76 M)

FOV of 94 ° 20 mm (35mm equivalent) f / 2.8, focus ∞

100-3200 (film) 100-1600 (photos)
Shutter speed:

8s -1 / 8000s
Maximum resolution images:

4000 x 3000
Shooting modes:

Single Photo

Stock Photos: 3/5/7

Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 3/5

Shutter Lag

Video Recording Modes:

UHD: 24/25 4096x2160p, 3840x2160p 24/25/30

FHD: 1920x1080p 24/25/30/48/50/60

HD 1280x720p 24/25/30/48/50/60

Supported SD card:

Micro SD
Maximum capacity: 64 GB. Class 10 and UHS-1
Maximum speed video recording:

60 Mbps
Recording format:

FAT32 / exFAT

Picture: JPEG, DNG

Video: MP4, MOV (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264)

Working temperature:

0 ° C to 40 ° C

Control range:

Pitch -90 ° to + 30 °

3-axis (pitch, roll, yaw)
Positioning System

Maximum speed:

Less than 8 m / s (2 m)
Working range:

30 cm-300 cm
Working environment:

The surface of a clear pattern and adequate lighting (Lux> 15)


2.400 GHz-2.483 GHz
Maximum range

2000m (open area without interference)
Ye video:

Working temperature:

0 ° C-40 ° C

6000 mAh 2S LiPo
Fixing the mobile device:

For a tablet or smartphone
Receiver sensitivity:

101 dBm ± 2 dBm
Transmitter power (EIRP):

FCC: 20 dBm

CE: 16 dBm

Operating voltage:

1.2 A @ 7.4 V


17.4 V
Power Rating:

100 W



4480 mAh

15.2 V
Battery type:

4S LiPo

68 Wh

365 g
The maximum flight time:

Approximately 23 minutes
Working temperature:

-10 ° C to 40 ° C
The maximum power load

100 W
Application /



The frequency of transmission of the video:

2.4GHz ISM
The quality of the transmitted image:

720P @ 30fps (depending on conditions and capabilities of the mobile device)

220ms (depending on conditions and capabilities of the mobile device)
Required operating system:

iOS 8.0 or later

Android 4.1.2 or later

Recommended for mobile devices:

iOS: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, the iPad Air, iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad mini 2, iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad Mini 3, 3 and iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular. This app is optimized for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Android Samsung S5, Note 3, the Sony Xperia Z 3, Google Nexus 7 II, Google Nexus 9, Mi 3, Nubia Z7 mini

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Racing Drones Small yet Exciting category of Quadcopters

racing-drone Racing Drones is a new category of small quad copters which the diagonal (distance between the centers of the shaft opposite motors) ranges from 200mm to 300mm. The most popular category of racing drones are drones with a diagonal of 250mm.

Drones racing gains popularity from month to month r, which owe their accompanying emotions and adrenaline flying this type of aircraft. As the name says, these are called. “racing drones,” or structures used for racing drones or “freestyle” – flying at high speeds and performing stunts. The entire flight is observed by the operator by FPV goggles that receive live video broadcast from a camera placed on the Drone. The operator f the drone feels like a pilot sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft . It adds extra excitement with it’s speed which can exceed even 100km / h, and the fact that drones races are most often held low to the ground, making the speed factor maximized. Drones racing are taking places indoors and outdoors in big empty hangars or underground parking zones .
The Racing drones are very easy to fix and maintain and they are built on carbon fiber skeleton.
Some drones are equipped with GPS systems which enables autopilot functions

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What are US Elections bets and who offers them?

What are US Elections bets and who offers them?

Many gamblers who hold a passion for betting, want to always reluctant to make do only with sports betting. Because not everyone who likes to make bets is automatically also a sports fan. Some players are indeed registered with bookmakers and place there regularly several missions, but that does not mean a long time that they place bets on sporting events. Many weather have discovered in recent years and months their passion for the so-called policy bets. Since it still is uncharted territory for most sports bettors in this genre, we have policies betting and its suppliers considered a closer and give important tips and hints below.
How To Bet on Politics and Elections?
Politics betting are generally based on the same principle as sports betting. For a particular political event the bookmaker pays is specified and the weather then positioned his devotion. The rate can thereby a statement as to how likely the bookmaker holds the meeting of this event. The lower the ratio, the higher the probability.
Politics betting offered by bookmakers much rarer than sports betting, which is partly due to the long maturities of bets and the other hand to the relatively small numbers of participants. Unfortunately, many people are interested in anyway very little for political events as they then also affect other countries, very few players feel only desire to use their money. Examples of policy Bets concern about future presidential elections in the United States or other countries or major political decisions that lie ahead in individual parliaments.
The highlight of politics betting is that bookmakers usually only look at the current projections, this however, actually only a few cases correspond to the subsequent election result. In addition, policy bets pay off for all those who move very early their bets, because the odds again later can change dramatically.
Which Bookmakers can be recommended for US presidential elections 2016?
As mentioned, not all bookmakers Politics betting or other special bets permanently in their offer. However, there are some bookmakers that are always very particular about their customers strive to present the best possible entertainment and exactly this bookmaker also one or the other policy bets on offer have always.
The US presidential Elections are the biggest Event of 2016 and draws a lot of attention and speculation. Donald trump made this Election colorful and unexpectable even. The 2016 US presidential Elections are going to be the biggest show on the planet and are expected to draw a lot of Bettings.

top German binary options brokers for 2016

If you are looking for a list of top binary options brokers in German here in o9ckxz You can find and compare the best binary options brokers In German for 2016
o9ckxz helps you compare and find your ideal binary options brokers for German traders. o9ckxz understands that every dealer is different from its own requirements, such as regulated brokers or those that offer special trading types.

Cycles and trends in the commodities market

Cycles in the commodities market

Commodities have different price movements patterns. Yet trading be described in terms of bullish and bearish trend cycles, as in other financial markets.

The commodity market cycles trends caused by supply and demand on the market. Therefore, the is market fundamental forces that are significant, beside of certain political decisions.

Most countries base the value of their currency only against the value of currencies of other nations. Today, there is not a single product that serves as a comparison value such gold was before few decades.

Commodity trading in different cycles

It is not easy to describe the cycles in commodity trading since there are always exceptions to the rule in relation to whether a product is in the bullish or bearish

The commodity market is extremely complex

Take oil as an example, and how this may affect commodity prices in a number of other ingredients:

Oil prices often vary based on the amount of crude oil that is available, simply because so many other industries dependent on energy from oil. As an example, a steep decline in oil production leads to higher gasoline prices, which in turn affect the transport of agricultural products. This gives the artificial constraints of supply and demand, and can affect the overall commodity prices. Oil often have fluctuations in their offer, and many experienced commodity investors and traders predict certain seasonality and adapt to those subject to seasonal cycles in their investments. Such side effects are therefore somewhat predictable part of commodity trading.

As a rule, only major geopolitical events of significance will affect a commodity demand or supply. A natural disaster like an earthquake or tsunami, for example, lower production volumes in one place and thus boosting demand and production elsewhere, so that commodity prices may fall as well as rise simultaneously in two different parts of the world – while the total commodity prices will remain unchanged.

Some traders claim that it is enough to apply methods of technical analysis and trade based on some signals.b1n4ra-0pt1on3r recommends that if you want to trade commodity , you should begin with creating a demo account so you can see how commodity trading works in practice

Introduction to the basics of binary options

Basically Trading binary options means that trader is speculating whether the price of an underlying financial asset that traded on the financial markets, such as a share or a currency will go up or down in a specific time frame .

The trader has to guess a very simple question: Up or down?

There are only two possible outcomes of binary options – a correct prediction than the wins or false in this case the trader loses.

Traders of binary options can choose from a range of up to 200 assets to speculate on , including currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. Multiple trades can be executed simultaneously, each for a different type of asset or trade on the other hand the trader may choose to focus on a single trading product.

Trading in 3 simple steps

Trading binary options is very simple. If the trader believes that the underlying asset’s price will rise within the given time period, He clicks the green up button. However, if the traders predicts that the asset’s price drop within the given time frame, He clicks on the red DOWN button. At a correct prediction the trader will earn money at the expiry of the option . However, if the traders prediction is false he will lose the money.
Making a trade is done in three steps.

1) Selection of an asset – a currency, commodity, stock or an index.
2) Making a prediction – up or down.
3) Submitting the amount of money to trade – and clicking on TRADE button.
In addition to the standrad binary options , there are some other very popular types of trades, including “Pro Option” (Traders can use the special built-in tools that help them sharpen their strategies and strengthen their skills) and ” 60 Seconds options ” which expire in one minute

Before you trade it is recommend to open a demo account which can be done in

Common questions about Gambling in online casinos

Common questions about online casinos
If your are new online casino this articles is for you. In case you do not understand some of the jargon, or if you are unsure of the software and game requirements. here is a list FAQ

What do I need to play an online casino game?
Basically all you need is an internet connection and a computer unit. There are a variety of devices that you can use including PC ,Mac and most smartphones and tablets. If you want to play for real money, you also need access to a payment method.

How do I register at an online casino?
You must submit your personal information, including your name and address. In some cases, online casinos require you to submit a copy of your passport to prove your identity .

How do I make a deposit at an online casino?
There are several ways to deposit money to an online casino and some casinos may differ from others in terms of acceptable forms of payment, so make sure the site you choose allows for your preferred payment method. Most casinos offer a huge variety of payment methods, ranging from credit cards to e-wallets and some even accept Bitcoins.

Can I track my deposits and withdrawals?
Absolutely! Online casinos allow you to track your entire transaction history so you can access your entire history of deposits and withdrawals with a click of a button.

How do I know if an online casino is safe?
You should always choose an online casino which is featured in a reputable online gambling portal as the onlinecasinobaer is

How do I know that a game outcome are effected only by chance?
Random Generator, or RNG as they also known, used by all reputable online casinos. When a casino has certified RNG: you can be sure that the games are fair and that all the cards, spinning and results are completely random. The Casinos have a built-in advantage in the software algorithm and they always declare to the players their exact payout ration for each game.

What types of games are available?
In an online casino you can find all classic games you would find in a physical casino, but it is also quite likely that you will find a lot of additional varieties of each type of games at an online casino. The most common games are poker, blackjack, roulette and slots.

What is a welcome bonus?
The bonus is a big advantage for casino players. the casino offers to match a percentage of your first deposit when you sign up. It is a good idea to search for the casinos with the highest welcome bonus and deposit as much as possible money into your new account .Some welcome bonuses can be as high as 450%, so if you deposit $ 1,000 can actually play with $ 4500! This is an important incentive for new players and you should definitely take advantage of it.
Can I chat with other players ?
Yes, multiplayer games give you the chance to chat and to socialize with other people while playing. You can also play Live dealer casino games in most online casinos , using real time HD video technology which provides the experience of a real casino.

Euroslots a New Yet Classic Online Casino Worth of Visiting

New online casinos show up in the market as often as the postman shows up with mail. Euroslots is an online casino that by owned be a company that has been in the gambling business since 1963 , according to their website. The company has been operating land based casinos long before the Internet appearance . Euroslots is simply a real classic casino .
The casino offers a wide range of games and many great bonuses to its clients. Something that I like about this casino is it’s extensive range of games that you may have access to as a player. Euroslots web site is applying the highest standards of online gambling and it is an excellent casino online. This is no surprise given the fact that the founders of the company have been playing roulette and craps since childhood and know exactly what a player wants and demands.
Euroslots is a really neat online casino, visiting the casino for a gambler is as visiting a chocolate factory for a child.
Registering an account with Euroslots is really simple quick to complete,

bonuses and free spins?
EuroSlots offer their customers a really nice and big welcome bonus up to € 200 + 50 free spins. Euroslots offers 10 free spins, without any deposit to all new customers. So if you are interested to try out this classic casino online, you can do it free of charge and with the chance of winning real money.With a deposit of € 200 you will directly be able to start playing with € 400 and 40 additional free spins.
Euroslots a busy online casino serving thousands active customers and players. More bonuses and special offers are offered to loyal customers regularly each week

I really recommend Euroslots Casino which a really good option that really is safe and secure, but also has a good selection of game, really nice casino bonus for both experienced as to new players and overall provides a lot of fun and action. This online casino is promoted by the live4gambling gambling guide.

How Binary options brokers are Regulated within the EU

Regulated Binary options brokers within the EU

For a a long time binary options are been able to be bought and sold through over-the-counter, OTC thus trading outside of the regulated exchanges. For you as a trader in the EU, today it is much safer to trade in binary options with regulated brokers,

Trading binary options has very quickly become popular mainly because it is a relatively easy and simple way to make money when you know what you’re doing. You can quickly earn big money with your trading if you act based on the different markets trends. The underlying assets of the binary options can be shares, indices, commodities, currencies, etc. You speculate on whether your the asset price that you choose to trade for a certain period of time, will go up or down. Originally trading of binary options has been considered as gambling, but nowadays it is classified as a financial trading.
Cyprus was the first country in the EU to regulated this market.

There are hundreds of brokers of binary options to choose from and brokers. In the EU The Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, MiFID, Is the top financial regulation authority in the EU. There are a lot of rogue broker on the market. Many are not regulated by license, operating from Cyprus as the country has simple rules for trading binary options. The safest way for you to trade binary options is to choose a regulated broker within the EU and have a valid CIF license.

Why you should deal with a licensed broker

The difference in trading between a licensed broker and a broker who has no license is that if a broker is not regulated, your deposited funds can be used improperly to pay debts and that it is not possible to ascertain whether the transactions done in the right way and are safe . Regulated brokers must ensure a certain capital to protect liquidity, but also to protect dealers’ investments and they must also make to the state an insurance deposit . the broker’s financial statements are monitored regularly . When you earn money by trading binary options you want to be sure that your money is safe but also your personal data and that you have an identity theft protection, so choose a licensed broker. In case you are an UK based trader than I recommend that you will choose a broker from the list that was assembled by TBomr for UK traders

Some Facts About AnyOptions- binary options market leader

Anyoption is recognized as outstanding broker and is among the most solid binary options brokers of this industry.
Minimum withdrawal time periods of Anyoption depends on your country of residence. Normally, this process could take two days to complete.

The withdrawal procedures of choice is of debit or credit cards .With credit card your withdrawal request can be handled within 2 working days and another 2 or 3 days to provide a refund to the credit card. Traders may use bank transfer, This method is has cheaper costs but takes more time to complete (up to 5 days)

At anyoption traders can execute trades twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. Speculators allow the dealer to get access to trade instruments for specialized study. Traders may also receive payments can arrive up to 88%. It also allows traders and experts to have adaptability in terms of the notice of their exchanges. This is why Anyoption remains appropriate in the universe of binary options trading.

anyoption Withdrawal Fees

anyoption is one of the best brokers in the binary options Market for different reasons. For amateur traders, it furnishes a demo account at no cost to each made at least deposit. The minimum deposit to open a trading record of this website is $ 500. This means many cruel focal included with your initial payment, for example, 100% reward. The binary options demo record is one of its profits. Despite, you can only get access to less trade measures.

Anyoption is a binary selection handles that do not take out any mortgage payments on withdrawals and deposits. The technology that savings are relatively basic and in fact, it simply takes less than an hour continues to start shopping. Additionally, before you can make a withdrawal at anyoption the broker demands a good distinctive proof card showing your genuine identity and address. This is to act as per the American Patriot Act. The Association is aware that this can be overwhelming to legit traders or speculators, but this may help to duck Anyoption scam and give merchants a secure trading approach.

It generally it takes 36 minutes to check your papers or reports. Every time you make a deposit via Moneybookers, withdrawal return to your anyoption trading account. Thus overlook the message that it will prepare by back wire. Per Anyoption rules clients’ trading accounts are disconnected from technology and managed trading account. Source :