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60 Seconds options brokers comparison

60 seconds trades and broker for short-term trading binary options. With our 60 seconds options brokers comparison and information we want to help ensure that you can act successfully as possible.

In this context, we can help you with our independent broker comparison find the right 60 seconds options broker. In particular, the broker Banc de Swiss could cut above average in our test and has earned the pole position.

You can use it the following information:

objective advice on many brokers
extensive 60 seconds options brokers comparison
always up to date details on the brokers

Ranking Broker German Demo Max
Max Yield
Repayment min
Total trading account from Max bonus account opening
BDSwiss 89% 10% 5 € 100 € 10%
Our BDSwiss
Banc De Binary 91% 15% 1 € 250 € 100%
Our Banc de Binary
OptionFair 85% 15% 25 € 300 € 130%
Bonus only with us!

Our OptionFair
4 Binary.com 99% 0% 1 € 5 € 20%
Our Binary.com
5 24option 85% 10% 24 € 250 € 100%
Our 24option
6 Zoom Trader 85% 0% 5% € 100 € 100
Our Zoom Trader

What are 60 seconds options?

With the introduction of binary options as a new financial product there was in the early days of trading only one, namely the simple call and put options, usually with maturities from 30 minutes. By now, most brokers offer even to various other trade types. For example, touch options or the now very popular 60 seconds commercial. Many traders have already make experiences with 60 seconds options. It involves simple digital options have a term of only one minute, so 60 seconds. Traders speculate on whether the price of the underlying is higher or lower than at the time of purchase of the option after 60 seconds. To that extent you can decide you also trade with 60 seconds for a call or a put option.
What are the advantages of 60 seconds options?

Compared to other speculative financial products offer you 60 seconds options primarily the following benefits:

profit from rising and falling prices
very thrilling and exciting form of speculation
transparent and simple, as is speculated to falling or rising price either
Trader knows after a minute to see if he has won or lost
Starting from very low stakes (depending on the broker) speculate only one euro

Five Important Questions and answers to 60 seconds Options

Are there special 60 seconds Options Broker?

No, there is no broker who specializes exclusively in the sale of 60 seconds options. The majority of “normal” binary options brokers offer today but the 60 seconds of trading and most of these brokers have many options boast experience 60 seconds, so you can go out with most service providers of a professional service.

Who is the 60 seconds options are suitable?

When trading binary options is very aggressive and risk-taking traders decide especially because of the speed like 60 seconds for the trade. In general, the 60 seconds options are suitable for you if you love the risk, act fast movements and you do not want to deal in detail with the traded underlying asset.

Which deployment needs to be made?

With our 60 seconds options brokers comparison you can find out which brokers require a particularly low minimum bet, which moves depending on the broker between 1-20 euros.

Are the 60 seconds Options Broker serious?

According to our experience, the 60 seconds options broker we tested brokers are classified as serious, so you can always speculate with confidence. As always, risk diversification pays off – so it can make sense not to deposit the entire trading capital with only one broker or, you can make profits and pay again and again and so the capital easily in your bank or on an e -Money account (eg Skrill or PayPal increasingly) store.

How much can you win with 60 seconds trade?

The amount of profit depends, of course also with 60 seconds on the use of trade and the rate of return offered by the respective broker. Are usual maximum yields between 65 and 90 percent on capital employed. Sets you as 100 euro to a 60 second options so you can get up to € 190 payout if the option ends in the money, so you will have success with your speculation. Equally, however, can be lost in the worst case, the insert also – where opportunity, as well as risk.
The main features of serious Binary Options Broker

Use of the account is free
high degree of transparency with respect to conditions, etc. Conditions
it should be advised of the risk of binary options
Minimum use should not be higher than 25 €
Support should be available during the day via email, chat and / or phone
Ideally, the broker is regulated

Our Editor’s Choice is the broker Banc de Swiss

Both for 60 seconds options as well as for the other binary options trading is our current Editors’ Choice Banc de Swiss, because the broker offers some advantages. For example you can use already speculating from 5 euros and only need to deposit a minimum of € 100 to their account. In addition, there is a return of more than 89 percent in some cases only 60 seconds. Also, think of the loss protection, because these can be up to 80 percent over the so-called Options Builder. In addition, our 60 seconds Options Experience shows that many traders find it positive to be able to contact a German support. The coronation is certainly the regulation in the EU. The broker has, in contrast to many competitors over a CySEC license and is thus regulated by an official body.

5 important tips for beginners to get started in the 60 seconds commercial

Tip 1

Inform yourself first sufficient on trade binary options, especially on the functioning of 60 seconds options before you begin to trade with.

Tip 2

Various binary options brokers offer a demo account, which you can use for training and learning about trading and platform. You should use this opportunity of the risk-free trades perceive, to make you familiar with binary options and the trading platform.

Tip 3

Start the 60 seconds at the start of trading with relatively low stakes. Because if you lose at the beginning of larger sums directly, this is very demotivating. In addition, it often needs some time, until the used strategy delivers positive results.

Tip 4

Do not act without a strategy! Especially with the 60 seconds options a good strategy is important because otherwise the speculation would be pure luck. A beginners often chosen strategy is for example the trend-following strategy.

Tip 5

Speculate only when a clear trend is present or enough movement (volatility) in the market. For it is precisely when the option has only a duration of 60 seconds, the risk without trend is very great that you will lose your stake. The traded underlying has to move within one minute in the desired direction, so act most volatile underlying as forex currency pairs, indices or commodities.
More in israle dor details in israled or page 60

List platform for Italian Binary Options

In vopzi section we offer those who in our opinion are the best sites for binary options for the Italian public. In choosing the best broker, the first parameter that we consider is safety. Since the investment money is in fact appropriate to choose a broker that is reliable and secure. To date, the offer is very wide. The majority of brokers entered the field of digital options in 2008, but at a distance of just 5 years, all platforms have achieved a level of completeness and safety. for more articles visit Vopzi Blog

Europe Best Online Binary Options Brokers for 2014


  Brokerage Binary Options Brokers Info Centres Open Account
bdswissjpg1 Up to 88% return. Minimum deposit: € 200.Demokonto: Yes. Sweden: Yes. More about BD Swiss. Best service and support for all EU traders. No download platform supports all devices.  visit the website open account
 24option-Logo (1)  Up to 85% yield. Minimum deposit: € 250th Demo Account: for all EU traders. To provide the best mobile app.  visit the website open account
traderuslogo Up to 85% yield. Minimum deposit: € 200.Demokonto: Yes. for all EU traders: Yes. More about Trade Rush. The best Bitcoin options broker.  visit the website open account

I collected the best European binary options brokers in one list to be your ultimate guide to binary options trading online. We lead you through the jungle of binary options trading broker and filter out the rogue sites so you can feel safe and secure when you binary option trade. Here are binary option trading bonuses, Demo and reviews of a variety of binary option brokers, all to make the choice of where to invest your money a little easier!

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The distribution of hige end parmacy product changed the supply chain

Homocysteine ​​- too much of it is unhealthy. In our theme world revolves around this amino acid and its importance for the health …

Cherry picking, there is the pharmaceutical market not only in business with consumers. Also the wholesale suffer that pure logistics interested in the distribution of high-priced drugs.

Mixed calculations have in a market such as health care has its purpose. They allow a service provider earns in a margin of his work so much that he can finance tasks with the income which, although is objectively reasonable, but does not economically expect. In the big range the range of high-priced drugs allows the pharmaceutical wholesale to supply the public pharmacies several times a day. He transports a variety of drugs, for which he only a few cents per pack, and in extreme cases even not receive any remuneration.
For the health care system, the high delivery frequency is useful; the manufacturers of expensive drugs, however, are only partially excited because the final price of their products could actually be lower, part of the wholesale margin would not subsidize the distribution of cheaper generics. More and more research-based pharmaceutical companies have their medication supply of pure logistics to the pharmacies. The hot Arvato, Movianto or CARRYMED and are pharmaceutical wholesalers an eyesore. DTP, ie “direct to pharmacy” is called the distribution of them operated by the manufacturer directly to the pharmacy. Pharmaceutical companies thus save money because the cost of transport, the logistics are below the wholesale margin. “For manufacturers of high-priced drugs to DTP is always worthwhile,” said Arvato CEO Dr. Thorsten Winkelmann at an event organized by the congress organizers IQPC conference for change in drug distribution on October 6 in Wiesbaden.
He sees the advantages not only at the lower distribution costs. Direct sales is also a way to protect themselves from drug counterfeiting, since one can control the distribution better. This is mainly in the UK from a frequently used argument in favor of DTP manufacturers. Thus provides about Pfizer, according to Dr. Christoph Friedmann, logistics chief of the company in Europe, all drugs over a logistician to the pharmacies. The British wholesale remains before complete without. AstraZeneca, Sanofi-Aventis and GlaxoSmithKline go on the island similar paths. According to Friedmann’s information DTP works smoothly.
DTP is not working
However, the doubts, the CEO of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (Phagro), Dr. Thomas Trümper. “Your model does not really work,” he said in Wiesbaden, referring to complaints from pharmacists about delivery problems with certain medicines from research companies. In addition, Trümper, who is also chairman of the wholesaler Anzag counterfeiters protested vigorously against the charge of the sales of the wholesale is less secure, and open the way into the legitimate distribution chain. Only in a few cases, forgeries come through wholesalers in the distribution chain.
For Wholesale DTP is now still a big problem. As more and more expensive drugs at wholesale past are marketed in this way, this could provide services to the pharmacy any more. Should the current trend continue, the German wholesaler of her claim would have to adopt a full-range. Drugs that could not be delivered profitably, then would have to be removed from the assortment and also the still very high delivery frequency would then stand up for grabs.
Especially medium-sized pharmaceutical companies would have then difficult to believe Trümper. They would have without the wholesale hardly the chance to be a nationwide presence in the pharmacies. The quality of the drug supply would suffer greatly, DTP should enlarge its market share, believes the Phagro boss.
The wholesale is currently working to improve its market position against the logistics. He has presented a proposal for a new compensation earlier this year. Similar to the pharmacist the wholesalers in the future want a distribution fee, which consists of a flat rate of 93 cents per drug package and a relative share of 3 per cent of the ex-factory price. Thus, the distribution cheaper packs would lucrative again for wholesalers. At the same time he could defy the logisticians with expensive drugs again.
Most market participants, including pharmacists, support the proposal. In fact, it can hardly be in the interests of the system when the direct sales increases so far that the wholesale its services can not provide. Especially in the country is likely to decrease significantly the delivery speed for less frequently used drugs.
Only one more deficit would remain for the pharmaceutical wholesalers. With health care reform in 2004 they were forbidden to resell sales data to the pharmaceutical industry. Logistics companies such as Arvato advertise against it offensively for this service. They provide the producers to all the information they need for effective marketing. This additional benefit is not insignificant from the perspective of manufacturer.
More bureaucracy
As long as the proportion of direct sales in pharmaceutical distribution remains at a reasonable level, the pharmacist can monitor the competition between wholesalers and logisticis reasonably relaxed. “For us, pharmacist, it is critical that the care goals are not compromised,” said Chairman of the Pharmacists’ Association of Schleswig-Holstein, Dr. Peter Froese. That is, as long as a safe, high quality and comprehensive produced is ensured it is for the pharmacist not a cause for concern. However, it should also not be overlooked is the risk that the expansion of direct business, the number of logistics companies that supply a pharmacy, can rise sharply. This could leave the administrative burden in the pharmacy to grow significantly. Subsequently remain less time for the supply of the patient.
   EastEruope pharmaceutical distributors
фармацевтическая оптовик в Израиле

Review of Plus500: Is it a scam?


Plus500 standing since July 2010 under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) control, for more info visit the Financial Conduct Authority, the financial regulatory authority in the UK website. Plus500 * – London Stock Exchange (AIM: PLUS).

* Plus500 CFDs SERVICE – Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – Your Capital May be at risk.

CFD trading has never been so easy! We have been trading via trading application Plus 500 for months. This is truly one of the best platforms from which to start trading Forex and CFDs. It is clear that there are other much better stockbroker, but they all have a lot of requirements you must meet before you can start trading. On Plus500 you can start trading with a small account. Without any paperwork or other formalities!

The best way to be convinced Plus500 is self test it. On Plus500 is an unlimited and free demo version. Without any requirement. It is guaranteed to be risk free, so try it too.

You get a small bonus when you decide to open a real account. You can easily fund your account with Moneybookers / Skrill or with your credit card.

no commission

Plus500 offers very tight spreads, such as 1:02 pips spread trading the EUR / USD. You never pay any commission: the spread of the financial instrument you are trading with covering all costs. Trading in the EUR / USD with EUR 10 000 “cost” no more than the spread, that is 2 euros. This is a huge advantage! Other brokers or regular banks usually have a fee in the form of minimum fees and you would pay more than 20 euros in order to open or close a position.

Examples from the trading application

Here are a few examples from a very small account at Plus 500 application.

This account has no open positions: 2 long positions in the Netherlands 25 (AEX Index), 2 long positions in the EUR / USD, a short position in USD / JPY and a long position in EUR / USD (Click for larger image).
For example if you want shiny euro, simply hit the “sell” button.
In this example there is already a short position. It is currently showing a profit of 16.70.

If you press the sell button, opens the next screen.
To open a short position of 2500 €, you only need 12.50 euros available in your account. You can immediately place a stop loss and a profit target. If you click on advanced, you can also choose to use trailing stop.

Plus500 – no scam?

Plus500 standing since July 2010 under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) control, for more info visit the Financial Conduct Authority, the financial regulatory authority in the UK website.

Nonetheless, some to Plus 500 is a scam, because it sounds too good to be true. The trade is carried brokerage-free is something that worries some. But we know that the spread (difference between the buy and sell) provides sufficient margin to cover all Plus500s costs.

One downside is that unfortunately they do not have a kundjänst in real time and you can not call them. Questions will be answered via email and it may take some time before you get an answer. In our experience, it probably answer within hours.
Another common concern is withdrawals from the account. Some people believe this to be awkward. We have transferred money from the account to our Moneybookers / Skrill account (a PayPal-like service) and this transfer took two days. We thus had no problems with withdrawal. That is exactly what one would expect from a company that is under the control of the Financial Conduct Authority.

The above drawbacks are therefore not meant that we refrained from using this trading application. Overall we are very happy with this broker. In our opinion it is one of the best agents available to learn more about Forex and CFD trading.

Start shopping now!

Visit Plus 500 website and open a free demo account or a real account. You can start trading with your welcome bonus. You can fund your account with as little as € 100. Trading The application is available in 24 different languages​​, so chances are high that Plus 500 is available in your native language.

You can download and install commerce application on your computer. Trading through Plus500 is possible, however also via Webtrader (in your browser). It is easy to use even with a smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry or Android) or with an iPad.

* Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – Your Capital May be at Risk

source 10

Our casino reviews will help you to find the right casino for you online.

Our casino reviews will help you to find the right casino for you online.

Here in the evaluations of providers mainly the following points play an important role:

Selection of casino games

Casino Test Reports online casinos produce their casino games usually not themselves, but rely on the products of external manufacturers. Through this approach, the selection is determined in an online casino prevail. While some online casinos use, for example, only the software of a single manufacturer, other online casinos fall right back to several producers. Accordingly find more in http://onlinecasinostests.de/?cat=3

Casino reviews of the best online casinos 2014

The best online Casino In the Internet, there are now more than 1000 online casinos that seek for the attention of the players. Objective and independent casino reviews are thus becoming increasingly important to find the right provider. On our site you will find:

objective reviews
Reviews of bonus offers and sales of the respective conditions
Explanations of the various casino software vendors
only safe and reliable supplier we test all online casinos here

The History of Binary Options

All of us have heard of or have read at least once “binary options” or “trading binary options”, however this only happened to us a few years ago. Why is that? The explanation is very simple: binary options move only a few years ago and so it is normal to focus on words or terms that you do not know because the new (or relatively new). In this article we will present the history of binary options, a new tool to negotiate online and earn from home.

The first embryo of a platform for binary options trading was founded in 1973 by the CBOE (Chicago Board of Trade), which presented the same to its own investors, but did not have the success that arrival 35 years later, in 2008, by the NADEX (North American Derivatives Exchange).


The history of binary options and their success, however, should be considered especially since 2008, when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved the instrument of binary options as a regular means of investment. This change is due to the Options Clearing Corporation, which called for a revision of the rules hitherto in force. Since that time, he left another part of the online trading revolution, which together with the CFD allows us today to get profits from the comfort of home without having to actually hold any securities. more by nouvi 16


online Craps /Dice the oldest casino game in the world

Craps is really a very old game, but goes back to to the times of the bible where it is specifically forbidden a medieval dice game from England called “Hazard”. There is evidence that it was played, for example, during the Third Crusade. In general, however dice games can even be traced back to prehistoric times, so they are thousands of years old.

The result are cubes predicted as utensils of psychics old time using bones, stones and woods in the future. They were the inventors of the cube. the game of dice have many versions which craps is the most popular one of the

Over time, the game was getting faster and clearer.

In 1931, Craps was officially recognized in Nevada and spread then to Las Vegas from all over the world. Since then, hundreds of different game systems have been invented to beat the casino. To date, the casinos have remained that could permanently reap profits.

The popularity game does not detract. Where Craps is played, there is always something going on.

Craps is an excellent online game even if the fascinating atmosphere so of course can not be in place. There is no better place to practice the game and learn.

This page is the ideal starting point. Here you will find the best craps casinos, an introduction to the rule book and links to more strategy articles. like this craps casino speile