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Splash Drone Mariner II a waterproof Drone with autonomic functions

Splash Drone Mariner II a waterproof Drone with autonomic functions

Splash Drone waterproof drones with live video feed, load release mechanism, emergency flare system and camera stabilization gimbal


Splash Drone comes in two flavors, traditional remote control or app based control to unlock their autonomous functions.

Standard remote Version:  Allows you to fly in GPS assisted mode, setting mode, or hover over one position to capture your action. It has also been back to the launch site and automatically lands on the flip of a switch.

App based Control:  Your Android device, you can use the Splash Drone autonomic functions with an app that lets fly a mission in a set way to enable Follow Me mode.

Splash Drone’s payload release mechanism is a blast! Drop water balloons or a bottle of water to the thirsty friends of the lake. It is equipped with an emergency flare carrying system that can be used in real situations.

As seen on:

I have worked with drones since 2007, long before most people knew what they were. When I was a video producer at a television station, but my obsession with drones leads me to a career change. Along the way, I have met some amazing people. After forming a group of like-minded drone geeks, we have successfully made and brought to market our own On Screen Display (OSD), a Long Range Systems (LRS) and other drones accessories.

We always knew we wanted to make a waterproof drones, but it needed to be practical and easy to fly for first time users. So, with our combination of experience in both manufacturing and drone design, we started working on a concept. After lots of feedback and several iterations, the Splash Drone born. Above all it was the most difficult challenge of developing waterproof gimbal. We started with a clear dome, but quickly realized that we needed a gimbal that could touch the water, uncovered.

After many iterations, tests and sleepless nights, we have completed the tools, injection molds and design of all critical components.

Splash buzz is designed to film your aquatic adventures, without fear of losing your drones.

  • Fully integrated design
  • Internal 5.8GHz 600mW video transmitter
  • Self-Sharpening carbon Props
  • Payload Release Mechanism
  • Emergency Flare carrying system
  • Autonomous Flight Controller
  • Waterproof Gimbal

Splash Drone is a completely waterproof quad copter, packed with useful features and can land and float on water. This drone is designed for outdoor type who uses a GoPro camera to capture their adventures on the water or land.

Splash Drone is available in two versions, traditional remote control or app based control to lock their autonomous functions.
Standard remote Version: Allows you to fly in GPS assisted mode, setting mode, or hover over one position to capture your action. It has also been back to the launch site and automatically lands on the flip of a switch.
App based Control: Your Android device, you can use the Splash Drone autonomic functions with an app that lets fly a mission in a set way to enable Follow Me mode.
Product Name: Splash Drone
Frequency: 5.8G
Channel: 32CH
ABS thermoplastic polymer
500mm size
External switch
Top watertight seal
Four screw cover slot
Engine / electronics
650kv Brushless motors (CE & RoHS)
40amp ESCs
all in one Power Distribution Board
Carbon Construction
12 inches (1,243)
Video Transmitter
5.8GHz 600mw – 32 channels

Integrated Clover antenna Features:

Fully integrated design
Internal 5.8GHz 600mW video transmitter
Self-Sharpening carbon Props
Payload Release Mechanism
Emergency Flare carrying system
Autonomous Flight Controller

Waterproof Gimbal

More details click on this entry

Package Included: (not complete, the information will be updated after it is in stock)
1 x Quadcopter

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Natural Essential Oils Based Acne Treatment Formula

Natural Essential Oils Based Acne Treatment Formula
As we all know, acne outbreaks are not just for teenagers. Bothersome acne can occur at any age and for many different reasons. Diet, Hormonal changes , ones stress levels and genetics may be the cause of this skin condition. Little things like dring skin too often or scrubbing the skin epidermis too hard may also increase acne. In addition, if you use regularly and scrub strong chemical remedies and creams to eliminate acne, you may be making it worse When it comes to acne treatment, natural formula offers an effective and proven alternative to the use of harsh chemicals contained in many acne creams and prescription drugs. The formula makes it easy to apply and the a change for better is felt after using one or two days. daily use of the Essential Oils Based Formula improves the skin epidermis condition is reducing blackheads around nose and refreshes the skin epidermis. New pimples usually will be reduced in number, severity of inflammation and heal less quickly without complications which are characteristic of acne pimples which may seriously worsen. The formula contains natural ingredients and working effectively against bacteria that cause severe acne without damaging, drying or chemical burns to the skin epidermis.

Compare Forex Brokers – How to find your ideal Broker

Compare Forex Brokers – How to find your ideal Broker

Those who search in google for a forex broker, will soon discover that it’s not so easy to choose one of the many offers. Each broker has own terms and cost points and whoever wants to be sure to find the best suppliers, comes to a Forex broker comparison not around. On fx4uk.com online you will find an independent and comprehensive comparison of different broker and can sort and filter at us realize according to your personal criteria.

What do Forex brokers for investors?

Although the forex trading to private investors no longer denied, a trading account with a broker is required for entry into the world of forex trading. This serves as an interface between you and the currency market. All trade is handled by the forex broker and each of them has its own conditions and cost points. This also holds true for trade with any other instrument – whether it is binary options or CFDs to Social Trading without a broker can not participate in market private investors.

Most Trusted Fifa Coins Sellers List

Most Trusted Fifa Coins Sellers List
The web is full with thousands of Fifa coins Sellers and online shops. Naturally most of the sellers are from China where all kind online gaming coins,tokens , points are earned as a profession either by bots or manually.Some of the sellers are new or pure scammers and cannot be trusted. some are highly professional with years experience , reputable and highly trusted .Many of the sellers don’t actually have coins inventory under their hands and they work as middlemen so it takes them longer to make the transaction.
Selling Fifa coins carries the risk of being banned or red flagged by the system so transferring the coins in a safe manner is for business for professional.In the bottom line every one is searching for a trusted FIFA coins seller who can boost their quest for building their dream team. buying from rouge or unprofessional seller will not only live you with a hole in your pocket but also can terminate your FIFA EA account permanently.

FIFA 16 Buy Coins: fast cheap and risky to the first million

FIFA 16 Buy Coins: fast and cheap to the first million –

FIFA 16 has finally arrived! Not only the virtual Bundesliga and the career mode will hopefully provide in the coming months for many exciting and entertaining hours of play, but also the Ultimate Team mode. So that you can assemble your team, you need the valuable coins or coins. These are available through in-game achievements and transfer skills. In order to quickly and easily get to the valuable currency, there is also the opportunity to buy FIFA 16 Coins.

FIFA 16 Buy Coins: fast and cheap to the first million – easily, right?
The ability to buy Coins in Ultimate Team, there are almost as long as the game mode itself wallet whip, and already pay the Münzkonto is raised to a million value, easily -. Or?

FIFA 16 Buy Coins: does it work?

Not at all, EA Sports is the trade of in-game currency outside the game, z. B. in private on eBay, but also to a greater extent in commercial platforms an eyesore. Since trading in coins financially that has been a lucrative business, a lot of money has been accordingly implemented outside the impact area of ​​EA Sports.

Coins for real money – quite lucrative
The problem here is: Where there is money, there are also scammers. So the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA has been increasingly infiltrated by cheaters and hackers who took over about foreign accounts, players sacked by tricks and Car Buyer championed the ercheateten bargain trade. The result was that honest players were often robbed by her team, player deals were almost impossible in the normal way and the webapp, and the goods in-game trading due to the use of bots, car buyers and Co. completely overloaded and thus almost unusable.

FIFA buy 16 Coins

For these two reasons it has made ​​EA Sports business to hamper the sale of coins in FIFA 16th since the success often plays into the hands of fraudsters. A first significant step in the fight against the Coin-trading was the introduction of price ranges.

The former way the exchange of coins ran over an unneeded Bronze player or another worthless card. After the purchase price paid for the coins, presented the buyer a worthless player for-won coin value on the exchange market, the seller had to do was search on the transfer market and bring the appropriate instant purchase price to be that player. The exchange between coins and real money was thus completed. This is now no longer possible, all the players can be traded only in an appropriate context, the results from the current average price in the transfer market.

Buy FIFA 16 Coins: EA Sports grabs the ban hammer

EA Sports has thereby further measures in the fight against Münzverkäufer in store. If you purchase a coin are detected, a spell process enter into force.

The first violation you receive a warning e-mail and in-game message.
Should you then continue to buy FIFA 16 Coins, there is a permanent ban for online features in FIFA series.
For retailers EA Sports has appropriate penalties in the hindquarters. Who sells coins is equal permanently banned online the first violation for all EA games.
The same applies to buyers who want to establish a so-called “Mule” account. This is already prefabricated Ultimate Team accounts offered by players, coins and FIFA Points of websites for sale.
An online Bann there are also, if you called the “Comfort Trading” let through. Here you give a commercial provider access to your Ultimate Team. After you’ve paid a purchase price, the supplier takes over temporarily and collect your account using bots, glitches and Co. new coins for your team.

FIFA 16-ban process
It should not concern idle threats. EA Sports gives himself that week thousands Coin-seller and Farming accounts are blocked. Already, the measures should have a positive effect on the gameplay for honest Ultimate Team Manager. Regardless of the impact on the part of EA Sports there are among the Coin-sellers many black sheep, although you promise denominations in the millions, however never again sign after receiving the payment with you.
Legal and sure you come to FIFA 16 coins per purchase only on the FIFA Points *.more info in www.o9ckxz.de/

4Grinz.com a New bitcoin online casino

4Grinz.com a New bitcoin online casino

It’s been a while since bitcoin owners were satisfied with basic graphic simple bitcoin casinos today’s players are expecting for the most immersive online casino games that 4Grinz.com delivers this and more, offering hundreds of state-of-the-art games with 3d cinematic visuals and provocative audio.

Combine these features with a unique rewards program, and the 4Grinz.com bitcoin online casino entertainment experience becomes extraordinary. Players will also appreciate the ease and freedom of using Bitcoin, making transactions instantaneous and the tedious process of delayed withdrawals and high fees associated with real money seem obsolete.

4Grinz.com A Bitcoin online casino that allows for free play and legal gambling, 4Grinz.com offers the latest HD movie-quality games, video poker, blackjack, and slots designed by the industry’s most innovative cinematic developers, plus a unique and intimate 24/7 live stream casino with elegant and attentive dealers in real-time. No download necessary, players can enjoy live and online casinos on-the-go with mobile. Payouts are quick and withdrawals confirmed in minutes. 4Grinz.com has a very lucratice reward programs, including lavish bonuses, progressive jackpots, and Grinz Points that can be redeemed for merchandise and gift cards or donated to a favorite charity. The team of professionals behind 4Grinz.com are Bitcoin ehnthusiastics who aim to deliver the perfect bitcoin gambling expereince , serving and operating live and online casinos since 1998. 4Grinz.com is powered by Coingaming. Its fair gaming platform complies with product and service GLI Standards for the ultimate entertainment experience.




24Option is an excellent broker of binary options that provides an easy to use Swedish language platform which is available for both the PC and mobile phone. They offer trading of a wide range of binary options, and also offer a wide selection of different types of options. 24Option offers binary options based on about 100 underlying financial instruments.

They offer a good and knowledgeable customer service but there are no Swedish-speaking customer service.

They offer several different types of accounts which more active traders rewarded with special benefits and the higher payout of the binary options which they trade. If you register with 24Option you get when this is written risk-free purchase and a bonus based on how much money you want to deposit.

24Option offer competitions where the best traders can win a lot of money.

The broker owned and operated by the same company that also owns and operates the Option Fair, Mika Holdings Inc. The company is registered in the British Virgin Islands and headquartered in London. Cyprus and has a license from the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC). This license gives 24Optioner right to act as a broker of binary options throughout the EU including Sweden without a license in another country. This is because Cyprus is an EU country. All transactions are governed by Cypriot law.

Short info:
Founded: 2010
Headquarters: London but the company is registered in the British Virgin Islands.
License: Yes, from the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC)
Mobile commerce: Yes
OS compatibility: Mac, Windows, Web, Mobile, iOS, Android
Languages: Swedish, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Danish, Indonesian, Korean, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian
Streaming News Feed: No
Minimum deposit: $ 250
Payments%: 91%

24Option has a relatively complex bonus system where the size of the bonus you receive will depend on current campaigns and how much money you deposit. As of this writing, you get eg 50% bonus if you deposit $ 5000th We recommend that you contact customer service and ask them how much bonus you can get on the amount you are looking to deploy. That puts you surely know how much bonus you will receive, and if you are lucky you can get a better bonus than you would have otherwise received.

24Option also offers new traders risk-free business. If a business fails, it is considered the money you get back may be bonus money and must be wagered as a bonus.

24option currently has a wagering requirement of 50gånger bonus amount.

They also offer contests where the best traders can win a lot of money.
Account & Banking Options

24Option offers several different types of accounts depending on how much it is. More upscale accounts provide merchant advantages such as access to information, better payouts and VIP access to the customer service. They are currently offering the following accounts:

Standard Account

This is the lowest account type
Gold Account

This account gives you a number of benefits such as unlimited trading of binary options based on any financial instrument 24Option support. You even get 2% extra payment.
Platinum User

Among the advantages of this type of account are 4% extra payment of stock options and personalized coaching and training to help you become a successful trader.

Regardless of the account type you qualify for as 24Option offers a wide range of different methods to deposit and withdraw money. Most but not all methods can be used to deposit and withdraw money. Methods you can use to deposit money include VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Discover Card, Bank Transfer, Skrill (Moneybookers), AstroPay, Neteller, Delta, QIWI, WebMoney, Sofort and GiroPay

24Option uses a simple and easy to use platform. They also offer lots of training where you can learn how to use the platform in the best way. It is always easy to find the type of binary option that you’re looking for and the interface makes it easy to see the maturity and payment. If you need help, customer service is always just a click away. 24Options platform is one of the best and most aesthetically pleasing platforms that we have seen. The platform is web based and works equally well on PC and MAC. The platform has been during our tests never seemed slow, lagged, or hung.

If you want to trade in your mobile phone provides 24Option apps for mobile commerce for both iPhone and Android. Apps are easy to use and allows a shop with a large part of 24Options range of binary options. The app for the iPhone is available in the Apple iPhone App Store. The app for Android is available in the Google Play Store.
Types of options traded

24optioner offers a good range of different types of binary options which can be traded. These options are based on a relatively large number of financial instruments. To trade binary options at Option24 is very simple and if you Pillars some question marks as they offer a good customer service and training materials, including a video series.

In 24Option you can shop with the following types of binary options:

Classic Binary options:

This is the usual binary options where you try to predict if the underlying instrument will go up or down. If you correctly predict the market trend during the option term, you earn money. You can get up to 91% profit on these options.
Super Short Options.

Super Short options work just like regular binary options but they have a shorter maturity. The shortest has a duration of 30 seconds. 24Option recently chose to add these options in its range. This type of options normally 67% payout.
Range or in / out options

These options are a little unusual and is only to deal with in a few brokers. Here you have to predict if the underlying instrument will remain within the specified range at maturity or if it will go out of range. If you correctly predict whether the instrument will stay inside or outside the range so paying these options out.
One Touch / One Hit Options

These options often provide a very high return. Up to 500% and sometimes even even more. If you trade with these options so you can speculate on an underlying instrument will move enough to reach up or down to the predetermined value that triggers the payment of these options. The underlying instrument does not need to be above or below the predetermined value reaches maturity expires but it is enough that the underlying instrument reaches the value once during the term.

Financial instruments

24Option has a relatively good range of instruments that can be traded. Their binary options currently based on 100 different underlying commodities, stocks, indices and currency pairs. 24 options have an unusual evenly variety of binary instruments without too much emphasis on a single type of instrument. The number of financial instruments is growing all the time.
Commodities Currency Index Shares

Gold (XAU)
Silver (XAG)
Platinum XPT


The FTSE-100
DAX 30
Dow Jones
The Nasdaq Composite
IBEX- 35
CAC 40 Futures
The S & P 500
The Nikkei 225
ASX 200 Future
Hang Seng Future
Bombay 30
South Africa 40 futures

British Petroleum PLC
Barclays PLC
Deutsche Lufthansa
Samsung Electronics
Google Inc.
Apple Inc.
Royal Dutch
BHP Billiton
Societe Generale
Rio Tinto
Citi Group
Westpac Banking Corporation
Coca Cola
JPMorgan Chase
BNP Paribas
Tata Motors Ltd.

Customer Service

24Option offers many other binary brokers are not a Swedish customer. This despite the fact that they offer a Swedish platform for trading binary options. As Swedish is one’s best option to either contact the Norwegian office if you have questions about the company at Tel: +47800 13510 or if you have questions for customer service to call the English speaking customer service at +357 25 262,063th customer service is based in Cyprus but is available in several languages, but as previously mentioned, unfortunately not in Swedish.

The customer can also be contacted via e-mail (info@24option.com) or via live chat on their website. Live chat is often the best and fastest way to get answers to questions.

24Option provides very good customer service.
What do dealers

Most of what we heard from traders regarding 24Option is positive. Traders appreciate it very easy to use platform, good customer service and the often high payouts. 24Option seem to get much praise from beginners who appreciate how easy to use platform, all training materials and how helpful their account managers and customer service is.

The most common criticism we have encountered is that it can be expensive if you make many withdrawals during the same month in which 24Option only permit one free withdrawal per month.

24Option is just like Option Fair which has the same owner a very good broker. Both of these brokers are allocated to according us the absolute best and we appreciate that they offer trading in / out (range) options that you will not find in many other brokers. 24Options wider range of financial instruments and Swedish-language platform, however them an advantage over Option Fair.

24 Option offers a good very easy to use platform which is available for both PC and mobile phone. The platform is so easy to use means that we want to recommend 24Option to all beginners who want to try to trade with binary options.

They offer the good range of different types of options and about 100 different underlying instrument. The range of binary options seems complete when they offer the usual options, the One Touch options, and super short options. In / out (range) warrants an added bonus. They do not offer any options builder but this does not feel like a problem because the wide range of different types of binary options that are already available.

Another strength of 24Option their jewelery good customer service. We just wish it was available in Swedish for Swedish customers.source binäre Optionen

Which are the online casinos with the best games in Germany

Which are the online casinos with the best games in Germany? Which suppliers are safe and legal. This page gives you the answers to these and many other questions.

The best online casinos are the ones where you can play the most popular casino games safely and legally for real money. All featured on this site providers have:

valid licenses and secure deposit methods
fair games with high payout percentages
large game selection with world famous hits

Experienced Internet casino players are already familiar with the best providers. For those who are new in the world of online gambling, I have written this comprehensive, yet concise Casino Guide, which is to serve you as a guide to the way to the best online casino.
The Best Online Casinos Overview

Before I discuss the details of what makes a good casino, I would first like to introduce to you here my favorite online casinos. In addition to the bonus offers you can find in this overview also confirmed by certified test laboratories payout ratio of all casino games. more in o9ckxz

Buying Fifa Coins With BitCoins

Buying Fifa Coins with bitcoin gives you big advantages starting from lowest prices on the market to faster and more Deseret transaction. all you need is to Choose a Fifa Coin package
Choose between Player Auction, Mule Account or Comfort trade

To receive FUT coins, either list players on the market,you can choose to buy an account, or let ww.fifacoinservice.com/ fill up your FUT account with coins! Payment is possible with trusted payment methods, like Paysafe, Paypal or and even .

Directly after www.fifacoinservice.com/ received your payment they will start sending you coins. Within a few minutes you will start building your FUT team. Buying Fifa Coins is quicker safer and cheaper than ever at Fifacoinservice!