Play Video Poker Games For Dogecoin


At you will the best  Dogecoin video poker games in the industry!
First developed and released into the gambling world in the 1970s, video poker has since expanded into all areas of the gaming business. In recent years online video poker has become a very popular game and provides you a wide variety of ways to win money!

Highlights for playing Video Poker for Dogecoin at
• Dozens of video poker variants.
• A slew of ways to win based on Texas Holds ’em hand rankings.
• Betting limits starting from 0.50 mBTC.
• In-game bonus rounds where you can double your winnings.
The Basics of Video Poker
video poker is game with a simple premise: try to get the best five-card poker hand possible and win prizes. To play a game of video poker you simply have to choose your stake (it’s possible to place a bet from as little as 0.50 mBTC) and wait for your first five cards to be dealt.

After the initial deal, you can choose to hold certain cards (from none to all five) and exchange any cards you don’t hold. The aim of this hold and exchange process is to use your best cards to make a ranked hand.

Once the second deal is complete the system will assess your five cards and compare them against the list of ranked hands you’ll find below. Any wins you accrue can be doubled courtesy of a bonus round. If you choose to gamble your win you will have to pick one of four mystery cards and hope that it ranks higher than the one shown on screen.

Video Poker Hand Rankings offers a variety of video poker games, but each one will have the same general hand rankings:

• 5 of a kind (All 5 cards of the same rank. Requires a wild card)
• Royal flush (An Ace high straight flush)
• Straight flush (A straight that is also a flush)
• 4 of a kind (All 4 cards are the same rank)
• Full house (3 of a kind and another pair)
• Flush (All 5 cards in the same suit)
• Straight (5 cards in a row)
• 3 of a kind (3 cards of the same rank)
• 2 pair (2 cards of the same rank and 2 other cards of the same rank)
• 1 pair (2 cards of the same rank) – Different versions of video poker will have different minimum pair requirements.
Video Poker Variants
Video poker has developed immensely over the times and thanks to its worldwide popularity you can now play a variety of formats online. Each variant you’ll find here will offer you more or fewer ways to make hands with betting limits starting from 0.50 mBTC:

• Jacks or better
• Bally’s All American
• Tens or Better
• Deuces Wild
• Bonus Poker and Double Bonus Poker
• Aces and Faces Poker
• Joker Poker