Essential Info Abou Business Visa To Shenzhen

Nowadays, to apply for China M business visas (before Sep. Entitles to the entrance and uninterrupted stay at the territory of the Republic of Poland or to several stays following one another which last jointly longer than 3 months and do not exceed jointly the period of one year during the validity of the visa. National visa issued by a Schengen State also entitles its holder to travel to the other Schengen States for three months in any half year.

We both work in television production, which I thought might be awkward… at our appointment the visa centre in London said because we work in media we would only be granted a Single Entry 30 Day Tourist Visa! So we didn’t submit our application as although it’d be okay for me it wouldn’t for my wife – after her language course she would only have a couple days left on her visa.

For current M visa holders, certification letter from the host and inviting organization or individual, which shall give every detail of the applicant’s travel to China and all information provided shall be true and correct. As for individual host or partner, signed certification letter and Beijing Household Register or Temporary Residence Permit in Beijing and Identification Card shall be submitted.

As air travel prices came down, the popularity of this great country has grown and demand for a business visa to china has increased a lot but there was still only one place to get it in the United Kingdom. This has further increased the waiting time and has put the pressure on officials to come up with an alternative solution. A different method for getting a visa for Chinese visa was implemented. Click To See More

For the international business traveler, making a visit to China means a number of effort, especially for applying for a Chinese visa.The good news is that you would apply for a visa on arrival in Shenzhen. Normally, it takes about 10-quarter-hour. Shenzhen Visa on Arrival is usefull for enterprise traveler and tourist who wish to go to Shenzhen through Hong Kong for lower than 5days. Generally, you will need to get hold of a visa ahead of traveling to China. Nevertheless, there’s some exception. Most nationalities of the next countries can simply get a visa on arrival in Shenzhen, akin to Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Austria, Italy, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Different nationals are hard to get it if they’ve by no means been to Mainland, China.

When asked about your itinerary on the application form, list standard tourist destinations; if you are considering going to Tibet or western Xīnjiāng, just leave it off the form. The list you give is not binding. Those working in media or journalism may want to profess a different occupation; otherwise, a visa may be refused or a shorter length of stay than that requested may be given.

Zhou Dewen, the chairman of the Small and Medium Business Association in the eastern city of Wenzhou, said: It is quite difficult to get a UK business visa. Previously, both the UK and US were difficult, the most difficult in the world. In recent years, the US has loosened up but the UK hasn’t. The UK still has strict visa requirements for Chinese applicants. They should change their views on China and Chinese business people,” he added.

Since I can’t return safely to Syria due to the unrest, I asked my brother who’s still there to get for me a Q1 Visa to China, I got the required invitation letter from my wife along with the marriage certificate and all the other required papers and I mailed them to my brother, and after a long struggle they got me Q2 instead with single entry and 6 months stay/

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