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What You Need to Know About Meldonium.

Mildronate is also known as Mildronat, Meldonium, and Mildonium is originally a prescription drug used as a treatment for a heart condition. Today it is widely used as a nootropic, vasodilator and a CNS stimulant that enhances mental and physical performance. Mildronate is a synthetic analogue of gamma-butyrobetaine, an enzyme which is found in every living cell of the human body.
Mildronate improves the balance between oxygen supply and usage in body cells and removes toxic metabolic by-products accumulated in the body’s tissues.
The substance also provides a refreshing and stimulating effect on the body.
Oxygen distribution and usage by both muscle & brain cells are improved by this enzyme.
consumption of Mildronate daily improves mental and athletic performance,reduces fatigue, increases motivation stamina & focus.
Thanks to its potential performance-enhancing effects, Thanks to its potential performance-enhancing effects, Meldonium has been in use for a while in the international athletic arena has been in use for a while in the professional athletic arena and is widely used by famous athletes like Maria Sharapova and Abeba Aregawi and many other pro athletes.

recommended usage:
One 500mg tablet each morning. Increasing the daily dosage to 1000mg is possible in case of no side effect.The maximal daily dose is 2000mg (4 tablets of 500mg).
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