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Trading CFDs on Litecoin

Have you heard about the cryptocurrency Litecoin but you don’t know how to acquire it?

When you trade Litecoin CFDs, you don’t actually trade any cryptocurrency: you’re speculating on the price fluctuation of LTC against the USD. Yet your exposure to Litecoins’s price volatility reflects the actual market. On an exchange, you’d usually sell USD/EUR/GBP to buy LTC. If litecoin’s price increases, then you can sell your LTC for more USD than you paid for it, earning a profit. If you buy litecoin CFD then you’re opening a position that will rise in value as LTC’s price rises against the dollar. With both, you’ll make a loss if its price goes down. When you trade ripple using leverage, however, you only have to put down a fraction of your position’s full size as a deposit to start trading. That makes leveraged trading a powerful tool, but it also makes it risky – including the risk that your losses could exceed that original deposit. With a CFD provider, you can trade Litecoin CFDs.

LITECOIN CFD trading enables you to go short on Litecoin as well as long, which means that your position will grow in value if litecoins price drops against the dollar. If you go short and ripple’s price soars, you’d suffer a loss.


 Honest  Review of CMC Markets


As we know Everyone reading these reviews should first keep in mind the following: some ‘traders’ are not trading significant enough volume, meaning they trade so small, meaning, less than 10M national, meaning, less than 100 standard lots, that execution with a ‘broker’ will appear outstanding, and yet it means nothing when you reach a level where you can start making serious money/ We are a  well-diversified company with about 1/3 of our business from our home market in the UK, 1/3 from Europe and 1/3 from the APAC region. In 2000 Peter Cruddas bought out the other owners, made the software exclusive to CMC Markets and the remaining parts of Information Internet Limited became the internal IT function of CMC Markets.

Note that when trading in the largest sizes, CMC normally offers a similar price but with a slightly wider spread. As we know CMC Markets UK plc and CMC Spreadbet plc are authorized and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration numbers; 173730 and 170627 respectively. You can trade international markets with CMC using ETFs, mFunds, managed funds, LICs or CFDs.
as we know CMC has produced an outstanding brand-new trading platform that enables investors to concentrate on the operational performance of their selected assets by filtering out distracting, irrelevant and misleading price movements and formations. CMC Markets doesn’t offer Islamic accounts and open positions overnight are subject to holding costs, which is another version of Swap charges. Other features of CMC Markets include access to more than 330 currency pairs for forex traders, a cheap brokerage rate for online share trading in Australia, and the ability to access more than 10,000 global markets from just one account. The CMC Markets platform comes with multiple features like different charts and technical analysis tools which do not differ much from the MT platforms. CMC Markets’ other major shareholder, Goldman Sachs (10%), is likely to look to sell a matching relative amount of its stake or about 3-4%. I am pleased our offering is meeting these very specific market needs,” concluded Rogers. As we know CMC Markets is currently one of the largest and most successful spread bet sites in the UK. Last, but not least CMC Markets was awarded Best trading platform and Best online charts by Money AM in 2013. However, you should be aware that while we are an independently owned service, our comparison service does not include all providers or all products available in the market. CMC Markets offers award-winning support to help you get the most out of your investments. CMC Markets is a market maker model and offers trading products such as binary options trading and spread betting, which is essentially investment strategies that involve betting against the broker. As we know CMC continues to provide their customers with excellent services and are at the forefront of online trading. Timely market analysis and commentary, along with social networking capabilities to share ideas and technical information, provide additional support possibilities. CMC largely defined how these instruments have been delivered to the retail market by being one of the first firms to offer them online. One feature that stands out from the charting experience is the pattern-recognition tool, which complements CMC Markets’ research offering. CMC Markets recently announced the introduction of a new financial instrument named countdowns on its trading platform.
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AvaTrade Forex Broker Review for 2017 is a licensed subsidiary of Safecap


Traders of CFDs on the shares of Yahoo Inc. and Softbank will be offered a new margin rate of 25%. Previously, these CFDs were traded with a margin rate of 20% for individuals and 10% for corporate clients. The margin for shares of Netflix has been altered to 25%. is a licensed subsidiary of Safecap LTD, an online trading, and investment specialist, and also serves as its APAC headquarters. It holds a capital markets services license under the Monetary Authority of the UK (FCA), and a commodity broker license issued by the International Enterprise (IE) Singapore.

The main advantages of Trader is the easy access to your account through three trading platforms, the access of over 160 currency pairs, gold, and silver, vanilla options trading, commodities, stocks and CFD on stocks, indices, commodities from over 20 world exchanges with around 500 future contracts and more than 1000 ETFs.

It’s just as simple to trade commodities as any other CFD. Select from the most liquid commodity markets within energy, agriculture, metals, and emissions and get direct exposure to the underlying commodity with all the CFD benefits. No commission or trading fees, either. And with, you’re not constrained by pre-defined lot sizes. Want to trade 25 barrels of oil instead of the Futures minimum trade size of 1,000 barrels? No problem.

c) Mobile Trader – The mobile trading platform from has two versions. The first version is a browser-enabled version that can be used on any phone with an internet connection. The second version is the trading application that is specifically built for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
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Capping leverage has a dramatic effect on market activity.

Capping leverage at a maximum level of 50:1 for all retail clients and introducing lower leverage caps across different assets according to their risks. The Polish forex trading broker X Trade has reported a significant drop in its shares of 39%. Lately, FCA registers an increase in the number of forex brokerage firms, as well as in the number of retail clients of such companies. The FCA decision to limit the actions of CFD traders has had a dramatic effect on market activity.

The FCA recognises that its consultation forms part of a growing trend across European regulators to impose new standards and restrictions on the marketing of CFDs to retail clients, following a warning by the European Securities and Markets Authority in July 2016 about the risks that complex products such as CFDs pose to retail clients who did not fully understand them. The FCA also proposes drawing a distinction between inexperienced and experienced clients, based on whether a client has active CFD trading experience of 40 trades conducted over at least four quarters in the previous three years, with at least two trades per quarter. Authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Firm No.195355.

But if it had finished 2-1, Mr A would have lost 0.3 times his stake – the difference between the price traded (2.7), and the actual number of goals scored (3). FCA is a body that was set up to regulate financial institutions. Where they are offered legally, they may trade on a regulated exchange or have a market determined by a broker and its back-office operation.

IG started to expand its product portfolio toward traditional products by providing real equity (not CFD) trading for specific citizens (e.g. UK). Even with the recent bans on short selling, CFD providers who have been able to hedge their book in other ways have allowed clients to continue to short sell those stocks. Britain’s financial watchdog proposed tougher rules for retail financial spread betting products known as ‘contracts for difference’ (CFD) after finding that 82pc of customers using them lost money.

Forex trading carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. FXCM is one of the biggest forex brokers in the world, licensed and regulated on four continents. The FCA has conducted on-going supervision work since 2009 which has detected instances of poor conduct across the CFD sector.

The FCA notes other examples of member state regulatory action taken toward CFDs, such as a ban in Belgium on the distribution of binary bets, CFDs, and rolling spot FX contracts via electronic trading platforms, and a minimum margin requirement of 1% for retail investments in OTC derivatives in Poland, with a 100:1 leverage limit for both FX and CFD products. As part of its regulatory approach, the FCA proposes to introduce a ban on bonus promotions, which induce retail investors into the market in return for free cash.” The FCA notes that these promotions often have misleading terms and conditions, and any additional cash is added to the client’s margin, making the potential for loss even greater.

Gone are the days when traders could trade with margins between 1% – 2%

SafeCharge has considerably extended its operation in South-East Asia

SafeCharge, a UK-based payment solutions provider for the financial services industry, has considerably extended its operation in South-East Asia, launching offices in both Singapore and Hong Kong, two of the biggest financial hubs in the Asia-Pacific region,

In special, SafeCharge has established a new office in Singapore as well as a dependency office in Hong Kong – the two new locales are part of a concerted effort to increase the group’s market share in APAC region, which has the potential to become into one of the largest potential client bases in the world.
Together with this announcement, SafeCharge is also hoping to become a member of UnionPay International, a subsidiary of global payment network China UnionPay, which has over the past decade become an integral component of Chinese e-Commerce.
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Bitcoin set for the best week since June driven by strong Chinese demand

EqR6yWO5w0The depreciating Chinese RMB has boosted demand for bitcoin as Chinese investors sought protection from the weakening yuan.
The BTC/USD exchange rate is now back above the $720 per Bitcoin level, marking a jump of about 12% in just a week.
In the last twenty-four hours alone Bitcoin rose by over 3% trading on high volume, about 95 million USD, and the bitcoin market cap is now over 11.5 billion USD.

Compare Forex Brokers – How to find your ideal Broker

Compare Forex Brokers – How to find your ideal Broker

Those who search in google for a forex broker, will soon discover that it’s not so easy to choose one of the many offers. Each broker has own terms and cost points and whoever wants to be sure to find the best suppliers, comes to a Forex broker comparison not around. On online you will find an independent and comprehensive comparison of different broker and can sort and filter at us realize according to your personal criteria.

What do Forex brokers for investors?

Although the forex trading to private investors no longer denied, a trading account with a broker is required for entry into the world of forex trading. This serves as an interface between you and the currency market. All trade is handled by the forex broker and each of them has its own conditions and cost points. This also holds true for trade with any other instrument – whether it is binary options or CFDs to Social Trading without a broker can not participate in market private investors.