Bitcoin At Record Price Levels Before the SEC’s Decision Regarding a Bitcoin ETF.

Bitcoin is traded in the past days at record price levels before the SEC’s decision regarding a bitcoin ETF⤑▷

Bitcoin price rose on Friday to a new record before the imminent announcement from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on whether an application to create a Bitcoin ETF, an exchange-traded fund, bitcoin will get approved.

An ETF is a financial vehicle which provides exposure to a portfolio of financial instruments but has the added value of being traded just like shares on a stock exchange. ⤑▷

The brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are behind the venture. The brothers left in 2013 to a first application to launch an ETF for the cryptocurrency, an application which has since been upgraded several times.


If approved, it will make easier for individuals and institutions to invest in bitcoin, which is expected to increase in value significantly.



That approval would be a great success for the Winklevoss is clear, according to Bloomberg News, which compares with the trend for gold ETFs.

Bitcoin reached on Friday afternoon record highs just above $ 1,290, according to the market place Bits Tamp.

other financial instruments that are available to investors who are interested in exposure to the bullish bitcoin market are:

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