CFD trading has increased dramatically in the past 10 years all around the world

Retail investment in the global financial markets has so far principally been a byproduct of other activities such travel, credit card purchases and cross-border equity investment.
Retail CFD Trading is growing at about 30% per year, helped by the rapid growth in affluent and high net worth individuals, especially in Asia, where Retail CFD Trading is particularly popular.

With CFD Trading investors are able to leverage your positions up to 200 times equal to 0.5% margin required on the notional value of the position.
If at any time while a CFD position is open, and the margin required to maintain that position exceeds
the funds available in the trading account, the trader is in breach of his contract and he is required to
meet the margin requirements.
CFD Trading involves a high level of risk to the investor’s capital with the possibility of losing more than his
initial investment and may not be suitable for all investors.
CFD trading has increased dramatically in the past 10 years all around the world
CFD traders, that mainly consists of individuals, are one of the major players, along with exporters, importers, institutional investors, and speculators.
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SafeCharge has considerably extended its operation in South-East Asia

SafeCharge, a UK-based payment solutions provider for the financial services industry, has considerably extended its operation in South-East Asia, launching offices in both Singapore and Hong Kong, two of the biggest financial hubs in the Asia-Pacific region,

In special, SafeCharge has established a new office in Singapore as well as a dependency office in Hong Kong – the two new locales are part of a concerted effort to increase the group’s market share in APAC region, which has the potential to become into one of the largest potential client bases in the world.
Together with this announcement, SafeCharge is also hoping to become a member of UnionPay International, a subsidiary of global payment network China UnionPay, which has over the past decade become an integral component of Chinese e-Commerce.
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Bitcoin At Record Price Levels Before the SEC’s Decision Regarding a Bitcoin ETF.

Bitcoin is traded in the past days at record price levels before the SEC’s decision regarding a bitcoin ETF⤑▷

Bitcoin price rose on Friday to a new record before the imminent announcement from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on whether an application to create a Bitcoin ETF, an exchange-traded fund, bitcoin will get approved.

An ETF is a financial vehicle which provides exposure to a portfolio of financial instruments but has the added value of being traded just like shares on a stock exchange. ⤑▷

The brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are behind the venture. The brothers left in 2013 to a first application to launch an ETF for the cryptocurrency, an application which has since been upgraded several times.


If approved, it will make easier for individuals and institutions to invest in bitcoin, which is expected to increase in value significantly.



That approval would be a great success for the Winklevoss is clear, according to Bloomberg News, which compares with the trend for gold ETFs.

Bitcoin reached on Friday afternoon record highs just above $ 1,290, according to the market place Bits Tamp.

other financial instruments that are available to investors who are interested in exposure to the bullish bitcoin market are:

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Bitcoin set for the best week since June driven by strong Chinese demand

EqR6yWO5w0The depreciating Chinese RMB has boosted demand for bitcoin as Chinese investors sought protection from the weakening yuan.
The BTC/USD exchange rate is now back above the $720 per Bitcoin level, marking a jump of about 12% in just a week.
In the last twenty-four hours alone Bitcoin rose by over 3% trading on high volume, about 95 million USD, and the bitcoin market cap is now over 11.5 billion USD.

Compare Forex Brokers – How to find your ideal Broker

Compare Forex Brokers – How to find your ideal Broker

Those who search in google for a forex broker, will soon discover that it’s not so easy to choose one of the many offers. Each broker has own terms and cost points and whoever wants to be sure to find the best suppliers, comes to a Forex broker comparison not around. On online you will find an independent and comprehensive comparison of different broker and can sort and filter at us realize according to your personal criteria.

What do Forex brokers for investors?

Although the forex trading to private investors no longer denied, a trading account with a broker is required for entry into the world of forex trading. This serves as an interface between you and the currency market. All trade is handled by the forex broker and each of them has its own conditions and cost points. This also holds true for trade with any other instrument – whether it is binary options or CFDs to Social Trading without a broker can not participate in market private investors.